"Live not by lies"

On vaccine passports, Solzhenitsyn and conspiracy theories

Argentina has become the latest country in the world to adopt some kind of mandatory “vaccine passport”. I don’t know or care how it’s called, perhaps it has a different official name, but it is a vaccine passport.

Some say I am a “conspiracy theorist” to point it out, but… How is it possible that all those countries came up independently with the idea of “vaccine passports”? An idea that, by the way, does NOTHING against a disease or a pandemic, and is only used to coerce people into getting vaccinated.

You will say, “but getting vaccinated will end the pandemic”, right? Well, no one believes that anymore. It didn’t and it doesn’t, especially with failed vaccines that don’t stop spread and need “boosters” every six months.

But even if it was true, even if the vaccines were as great as they were initially touted, would “vaccine passports” be the answer? No, not necessarily. Different countries could have chosen different methods to motivate people to take it. A few, outside of the Western world, did. Japan, for example, has no vaccine passports and the vaccine is completely optional for its population. Nevertheless, they have a higher vaccination rate than many other countries with much more forceful measures.

So we have to conclude, almost forcibly, that there is some sort of global operation to institute “vaccine passports” worldwide, or at any rate in the Western world, and that the reasons have very little to do with health. Some have argued that it is a push for a social credit system and digital cash. If you’re not in the system, you will be removed from all social and economic life. “You will own nothing and you’ll be happy”. Or perhaps unhappy, but who cares. Not Mr. Schwab.

Maybe the reasons are others, who knows. But it is a fact that the two things that are being pushed worldwide, and which were planned to be pushed almost from the start, are two completely new things that we had not heard about and had never been used before: a) mRNA vaccines and b) vaccine passports.

This is what they want, mRNA injections (to be used for all kinds of things, not just for diseases, to treat your body as an “operation system” requiring updates every now and then), and digital passports to control you.

Some say it is a “conspiracy theory”. But can it still be called a “conspiracy theory” if it is really happening?

Alexander Solzhenitsyn said once that we should not live by lies. That is, if we know that something is a lie, we should not help to promote it with our actions.

The idea that “vaccine passports” are a health issue is a lie. And we should not pretend that it isn’t.

P. S. I don’t know if it is true, but here there’s an interesting theory suggesting that the “Omicron surge” is nothing more than the tests picking up the spike proteins generated by the vaccines. That would explain the high number of cases every time there is a new booster, which again requires the use of new boosters and so on. This way the “vaccine passports” can keep being mandated forever, the mRNA vaccine being some kind of moto perpetuo machine keeping the pandemic panic ongoing. Forever. Until we stop it. With civil disobedience, or simply ignoring the passes. It’s not that hard. If we all ignore them, there’s nothing they can do.