1. Since this is the first issue, but it coincides with a period when leaves fall and nature starts its process of eventually renewing itself, we will have “FALL AND REBIRTH” as our main theme. Any approach you want, no need to be too literal. But if you want to be literal, also themes related to the season of Fall (Autumn) will be accepted. 

2. Also the idea is to publish texts in more than one language (we will translate it to English when possible, as English is now our Latin or Esperanto and it might make it more universal). Languages accepted: English, French, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish. German also if you can provide an accurate English translation of the text. Other languages not accepted at this time. 

3. The Magazine will be available online for free, probably in a downloadable pdf file, and for those interested in a printed copy it will be possible to buy it for a cheap price. 

4. You agree that your contribution will be unpaid, as unfortunately we cannot pay authors at this time. 

5. The rights remain of the author, of course. All we do is publish them in this magazine. You can publish them anywhere else as well. 

6. The magazine will be distributed in digital form for free. However, we have the right to sell printed copies of the magazine, for a price close to its print cost value (non-profit). But if there were eventually any profit from selling printed copies of the magazine (highly unlikely, but in theory possible), this will not be shared with the authors and contributors. It will be used to cover our administrative and other expenses, as there is no funding for this project and we are only using our own personal funds.  

7. The texts do not need to be new or previously unpublished, but of course we prefer texts that are new and unpublished and exclusive to the magazine. 

8. We are accepting short fiction (no more than 2,000 words), short poems (max 33 lines), and short non-fiction (also less than 2,000 words). 

9. For the fiction and poems, there are no specific rules, as long as they follow the suggested theme (more or less). For the articles, while it is also free as long as it follows the theme, we prefer articles that are not not about politics, current events or similar topics that can become dated very fast. We are interested however in religion, philosophy, art and historical themes. 

10. You can also write short book or film reviews, or a short article about a specific artist (max 800 words). This would be for a separate section of reviews. 

11. For illustrations, there are no specific rules, we also accept photography, painting, etc. Colour or black and white. 

12. Please note that sending your text or illustration does not mean that it will be published. For reasons of space, inadequacy, quality, or others, we reserve the right to reject texts that we do not want to publish for any reason. 

13. When you submit a text or illustration, it means that you agree to the rules above.

In that case, please send us your text, or your questions, to: