Besides the publishing of our own books (which you can buy on our own shop, or through Amazon), we also offer the following services:

  • Translation of all kinds of documents (excepting official legal translations). Specialized in journalistic, literary and academic work. Currently working only with translations to/from: English, Spanish, Portuguese and Italian. (We may add new languages in the future as we increase the pool of translators).
  • Creation and translation of subtitles for films, videos and all kind of multimedia productions (same languages as above). We can not only translate but edit and time the subtitles in whichever format may be needed (srt, etc). We have so far worked subtitling several short films, documentaries, Youtube videos, etc.
  • Proofreading and formatting of print books and e-books. We can create a publishable e-book (Epub or Kindle) or the file for any kind of print book for you, starting from a simple txt or word processor document. Note: we do not offer printing services, just the editing and formatting.

Please contact us for quotes or for more details about each service provided.

We want to work for you.