Back to the future

I have a strange feeling of dejà vu…

Happy New Year! But are we already in 2022, or have we gone back to 2020?

Canada is now joining the “Lockdown 2022” club, where most European countries already are. At least in Quebec, from 31 December new strict restrictions were announced, with nightly curfews, prohibition of private events (you can’t meet anyone outside of your own family), closure of bars, cinemas, cultural institutions. Schools and universities are becoming online again. Masks mandatory. And I am sure there are a lot of other bad measures which you can read about here, if you have the stomach for it.

Bear in mind that people in Quebec are 90% or 95% double-vaccinated, and many of them triple-vaccinated with boosters.

I used to live in Quebec and I would probably be back there now, were it not for this never-ending “war on viruses” that most Western governments have decided to bet on. The depressing part is that there are not many countries were you can escape to: it is almost everywhere the same.

How did “liberal democracies” turned into this? How many years will it take until they realize that all these measures are mostly useless, and whatever effects they may or may not have on “corona”, they have terrible consequences in themselves? Isn’t it clear that the cure, at this point, might be worse than the disease? People are increasingly unhappy all over, even those who initially supported the measures.

But madness without results cannot continue forever, and at some point it will have to end. With the passing of winter, cases will naturally reduce, and perhaps people will start to be less compliant about following the next harebrained ideas of governments to “stop the pandemic”, and it will become harder for ideologues to continue pushing restrictions and forced vaccinations too much. At least, that’s the hope.

Happy New Year to all.