And now for something completely different

Ending an obsession

I am travelling in Sweden and I won’t be posting so much about the “corona” issue these days. Instead, you will find here mostly a travelogue.

In the end, my opinion about the whole “corona” thing didn’t change much since February 2020: just stop with the idea of using a pandemic to remake society or to create a new technological bureaucracy. Just treat the sick, focus on the risk groups, be cautious, stay home or go to the doctor if you’re ill, use a vaccine but don’t make it mandatory, and stop with the insanity of “lockdowns”, “mask mandates”, “vaccine passports”, etc. After two years, it is pretty clear that none of this really works, so why complicate people’s lives even more, adding more trouble on top of the pandemic?

Despite a few new restrictions, Sweden still appears to be pretty relaxed. Let’s be more like Sweden.

And that was it about “corona”; now, we’ll focus (mostly) on other stuff.