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The Snow Queen, with 32 classic illustrations

Just in time for Christmas, we have created a new version of Hans Andersen’s Story “The Snow Queen”. Yes, you read it right, it’s not “The Drag Queen”, to keep up with modern times, it’s the original “The Snow Queen”, Andersen’s immortal beloved classic.

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The story is the same everyone knows and loves, but we revised and updated the English translation and, most importantly, we added 32 classic illustrations by 13 different illustrators, from Anne Anderson to Charles Robinson (there are in fact three different Robinsons illustrating here, including two who are brothers) to Edmund Dulac, Margaret Tarrant and Rudolf Koivu.

Tarrant and Koivu are the ones who have more illustrations featured, in part to promote their work a bit more. Tarrant was an English illustrator from the early 20th century. But Rudolf Koivu was interesting to us because he was a Finnish illustrator, and while he’s relatively famous in Finland and has become the name of a prize for children’s books, he’s not so well-known abroad. So we thought it would be nice to use his illustrations in this version. Of course all the others are nice too.

Anne Anderson, a Scottish illustrator, was interesting too: she lived in Argentina until she was a teenager, as her parents had some business there, and it appears that it was in Argentina where she became interested in illustration. She moved back to Britain as a teenager.

I don’t know about you, but I’m a sucker for old-style illustrations, and for illustrated books in general. As Lewis Carrol’s Alice would say, “what’s the use of a book it it has no pictures in it?” Well, we wouldn’t go that far, but we do think that illustrations usually add to the enjoyment of reading. The book is available in paperback, hardcover and ebook, and is a nice Christmas gift for all.