The road to utopia passes through awful solutions to imaginary problems

There was a construction going on for months near my place, and every morning at 7 AM they would start this annoying BEEP-BEEP sound that pierces your ears and can be heard from a block away. Even after construction ended, I could still hear the sound in my mind. I think it permanently damaged by eardrums.

Now, I never understood the point of that. You can see and even hear the machine. And all paths are blocked anyway. There is no need to add that annoying sound. I suppose it is could be useful for blind or drunk people but even they can hear the motor of the machine. If you need to add some extra sound for some reason, you could at least put a more agreeable sound, like some soft humming. Why does it need to be heard from a mile away, where it’s obviously not a danger?

It just seems a very bad solution to a mostly imaginary problem.

Well, almost everything in modernity is like that.

The solutions proposed for “climate change”, which is mostly a non-existing problem, as carbon dioxide constitutes only 0.04% of the atmosphere, do not solve anything and may even cause more environmental damage in the long run. Batteries for electric cars are very difficult to dispose of, and the same is true of wind turbines, which have toxic elements in their blades.

The “transgender” issue is another example of a completely imaginary problem, with proposed solutions that only cause even more chaos.

One of the worst cases of this phenomenon is probably feminism. It started with the false problem of women being oppressed in the West. If anything, women were always protected. Most of them didn’t need to work — although the few that wanted to, could, and there were even a few women artists, writers and scientists. Sure, most women had to stay at home being provided for and taking care of children. It doesn’t seem to be a bad deal to me, but apparently many women considered that a form of oppression.

Well, fast forward a few decades and look at modern women today. They do not seem to be any happier with their so-called “freedom” and with exchanging child-rearing for a walk-on part in the rat race. If anything, it’s exactly the opposite. Women are unhappy, and making men unhappy too. The ones who married are divorcing, the ones who remained single and childless in their thirties are miserable, and both males and females seem to be feeling increasingly in despair. Most teenagers today report not having relationships at all, except for the phenomenon of female teachers having sex with students, which seems to have exploded recently for some reason, perhaps another effect of feminism gone wrong.

Almost 30% of young people worldwide, between the ages of 15 and 29, report feeling increasingly lonely — while for people older than 65, that number is only 17%.

All in all, it’s an unmitigated disaster.

As a consequence of all that, birth rates have collapsed in the Western world, and again, the bad solution proposed against that is massive migration by people of all kinds of different countries, which is just causing new forms of conflicts.

And yet, even as the imagined liberal utopia crumbles before our very eyes, the proposed solutions are simply to promote more of the same demented policies that took us to this dead-end.

But, at some point, I guess reality will set in. What can’t go on forever, usually won’t.