Transhuman Day of Visibility

Trying to understand what is going on

It seems that just the other day it was the “Transgender Day of Visibility”. Honestly, I wish there was a “Transgender Day of Invisibility” instead, because it seems it’s the only thing we hear about these days. It has become a weird obsession, and something that I must admit I do not fully understand.

Now, I lived for many years of my youth in Brazil, which was once famous all over the world for its transvestites, which were more or less common — well, I guess mostly during the Carnival season, but also in the world of prostitution and nightlife. Every now and then there was some case of a famous football player involved with “travestis”…

Then, at some point in the 1980s or early 1990s, a transvestite called Roberta Close started to appear in television and became famous. I am not sure if this curious character had had some kind of surgery or not, I suppose so, as those type of surgeries existed already back then, even if they were not as common or advanced as today. (I say “transvestite” because that was the normal term used back then, and because most of them did not have any kind of surgery, being simply crossdressers.)

Anyway, that is to say that I never thought about it all that much, the whole thing back then was more exotic than harmful, and of course no one was thinking about teaching that stuff in schools, nor was it all the time on the media, nor were there such things as “puberty blockers” being pushed to pre-teens.

But, at some point, things changed. I don’t know exactly when. The first sign were maybe those early Almodovar movies, and perhaps similar alternative directors in the U.S.. Then there was also that Australian movie, “Priscilla, Queen of the Desert”. And then it moved from the alternative to the mainstream and became common to see it in television too. Now we see it everywhere, from kindergartens to sport halls to public libraries.

Was it spontaneous? Not really. No one asked for it, not even the transgenders. This is clearly something that is pushed from above. Just think about the “Drag Queen Story Hour”, which started as a small local event in San Francisco (where it might, perhaps, have made some sense), but today is repeated in thousands of public libraries and schools all over the U.S., and even at places such as the Ramstein U.S. Army base in Germany. There is clearly some huge funding and promotion behind this.

It used to annoy me, especially the promotion of such clearly adult and sexual stuff to children, but then I realized that this is the exact objective intended: to annoy people, to try to hit their sensibilities, in particular by targeting children, which we all have some innate tendency to want to protect. It is not about actual people with gender dysphoria, which might reach perhaps 0.1% of the population, it is more a psychological operation, mostly intended to distract, annoy and divide people. They want to make people angry at transgenders, perhaps because this way they do not get angry about other things.

Transgenderism is also connected to the other “trans” that they want to push, which is transhumanism, and which is the real ideology guiding much of the modern world. If genders don’t exist, and you can switch from one to another, then of course no other characteristic that makes us human exists too. If someone wants to have a third breast or a third eye, or antennas, or a microchip in their head, well, why not?

The endgame is to create “trans-human” beings by merging them with machines or by changing their genetic code. It will be sold (it is being sold) as giving freedom or superpowers beyond the natural ones (“you’ll become like a Marvel superhero”!), but it will actually result in something more akin to slavery, as your every move and thought will be watched and controlled. “Every move you make, every step you take, I’ll be watching you”, as a band ominously called “The Police” used to sing.