"And you'll be happy"

Is the current war the second phase of the Great Reset?

It sounds almost like a parody of that famous poem. First they came for the anti-vaxxers, but I didn’t say anything, because I wasn’t an anti-vaxxer. Then they came for the truckers, but I didn’t say anything, because I wasn’t a trucker. Then they came for the Russians, but I didn’t say anything because I wasn’t Russian. They they came for the cats… And I said, what the hell, didn’t we had enough of this absurdity?

With the rise of social media, cancel culture seems to have become the new law of the land in the West. Whomever we don’t like, we just “unperson” or “ghost”. Of course, in real life, this has more serious consequences than only in social media. Just as misnamed “anti-vaxxers” were denied medical treatment, now some want to deny medical treatment to Russians as well. You can also be cancelled financially, as those who donated even a small amount of money to the truckers’ protest in Canada found out, having their donations confiscated and their bank accounts frozen for days.

The other day Apple Pay and Google Pay “cancelled” Russians, who suddenly found themselves scrambling for cash to pay their metro fares. If you think this can affect only Russians, think again. Once they have control of your “digital wallet”, they can freeze or even take your money away, for any reason — being unvaccinated, being a “domestic terrorist”, being from the wrong religion, not supporting gay marriage enough, not fighting against “climate change” enough. Well, anything.

Now you can see that when WEF leader and part-time Bond villain Karl Schwab said that “you will own nothing, and you’ll be happy”, he wasn’t kidding. But let’s dissect that famous statement a bit more. There is no mystery about “you will own nothing”. It’s more or less what the old-time communists said, too. But what about “you will be happy?”

Well, just look around. Many people were happy to wear masks for over two years. Many were happy berating “anti-vaxxers” for not submitting to a mandatory experimental gene therapy. Many are now happy with their 2-minute hate against Russia and ready to burn a pile of matrioshka dolls. Propaganda has evolved a lot in the last decades, so much that now people take care of their own brainwashing, with just a little hint from the Powers That Be. Sure, it also helps that all alternative viewpoints are eliminated — during “Covid”, all opinions not matching the official narrative were censored or deleted, labelled “misinformation”, and the same is now happening with the war in Ukraine.

However, I think that perhaps now the “Great Resetters” have gone bit too far, even for those who support them. Because a lot of people, even unconsciously, will be thinking: “if this is happening now to Russians, can it happen to me next?”

There is no way that some government or company on the other side of the world can take away your cash from your wallet or from under your mattress, but with “digital cash”, this is now possible. So I think the current sanctions will have far reaching consequences, and not just in Russia, but in the West, with people eventually not trusting Big Tech or Big Pharma or Big Banks anymore, and the economy and the society at some point crashing.