Nikita Mikhalkov on Russia vs Ukraine

The Russian film director presents his view in a recent documentary

Nikita Mikhalkov is a famous Russian film director. He directed the very good movie “Burnt by the Sun”, about the Stalinist purges, which I believe won the foreign film Oscar in 1995. He also directed “Oci Ciorne” (Dark Eyes), a story based on Tchekhov’s “Lady with a dog” (1987), with Marcello Mastroianni in a main role, also very good. I think his last film that was shown internationally was “12″ (2007), about the Chechen War.

Here he weighs in on the current conflict, in a documentary produced for Russian television. He is obviously pro-Russian and pro-Putin, and makes the case about NATO interference and everything that started happening in Ukraine since 2014 with the US-sponsored “colour revolution”. I haven’t seen the full thing yet, so I can’t really vouch for its content, and I’m not very familiar with Mikhalkov’s political views, but it seems interesting and presenting something different from what you see in the mainstream Western media, which since 2020 seems to have decided to ban any alternative viewpoints, first with Covid, now with the war. I have no problem watching things that I don’t necessarily agree with. Enjoy.