Fair is foul and foul is fair, hover through the fog and filthy air.

Are there supernatural or occult elements in this whole “corona” thing?

I don’t know if I am imagining things, but since I came back from mask-less, restriction-less Sweden into still masked and restricted Germany, I noticed a change in people attitudes and even in the air, so to speak. Instead of cheerful and polite as in Sweden, everybody seemed tense or disagreeable, and even in friends and acquaintances I noticed a strange mood. Some people appeared to suddenly become depressed, or angry, or moody, sometimes for no apparent reason.

I am now convinced that masks, by removing people’s smiles and facial expressions and making them look as robots or automatons, generate an evil effect. Just seeing less smiles and facial communication makes us feel grumpier or sadder. And of course the vaccine/test restrictions that impede normal human mingling also cause people to eventually feel bad — even if they show the pass and follow all the rules. Being “vaccinated” and having a “pass” doesn’t really save you from the mental health effects of all this.

I suppose that there are studies showing that mental health problems are increasing with masks, lockdowns and restrictions, even though no study should be necessary to point something so obvious, but I am also looking at something else here: at some form of negative energy, some kind of supernatural evil, if you will, that feeds on the lack of smiles and on the prevention of normal human interaction.

I am not a very religious man (I am a Christian, but not a very good one), but more and more I feel that there is something beyond the mere material universe that accounts for people’s feelings and moods. That how we feel inside affects the world outside, and vice-versa. So it is not surprising to discover that this incredible social change that we have seen over the past two years has affected people’s minds and behaviour in increasingly negative ways. Perhaps it is just that these restrictions take a toll on people’s mental health and eventually translate into depression or mood swings. But it could also be something else.

What do masks do? They render us anonymous, thus soulless. People without faces who cannot properly communicate or even be seen. Automatons. Slaves. We are not talking about festive Carnival masks here, which transform us into cheerful characters for a night — but about sterile, usually all-white “FP2” masks, that just erase part of our face. White masks are also scary, of course — think Jason, or the killer from “Halloween”, or even the usual anthropomorphic image of Death — and I suppose that’s part of their point.

And the passes? Passes are by definition a system of exclusion, where some “elect” are able to perform activities or go to places, and others are not. Think Soviet Politburo identification cards, or, conversely, think Yellow Stars. But the current QR-Codes, unreadable by men but only understood by machines, are scary and ugly in themselves, because we cannot by ourselves “read” what they say. It is as if they were also transforming us into machines. And if some technocrats get their way with their ideas, and find a way to install similar codes into some type of microchip under our skin, then we will be.

I will talk a bit more about this later, or not.