It's the end of democracy as we know it (but I feel fine)

O Canada, we cry with shame for thee

Peaceful protestors in Ottawa have been removed by force by the local police. A woman was trampled by a police horse, others were beaten or tear-gassed. Three leaders were arrested and the bank accounts of many people who merely donated money to the cause were frozen. Now the government has the power of freeze the account and arrest anyone they don’t like. This in a supposed democracy.

Since the pandemic started, governments worldwide had assumed powers no one knew they had. People were denied assembly, freedom to move and even the right to protest. Supposedly this is all in the name of our health, but it beats me it can be healthy to lock people in their homes, force-close their businesses and make them poor, deny them the right to visit friends or family, force them to wear a mask that is basically useless and may cause respiratory issues in itself, force them to take a vaccine that did not complete formal testing and can have scary side-effects and does not even stop anyone from having the disease, and then beat up anyone who dares to protest — I must be dumb, but none of this strikes me as particularly good for anyone’s health.

But that’s not what’s scary. What’s scary is that after all this, a lot of people still seem to believe all these lies. They seem to believe that being forced to wear a mask and being forced to take a vaccine every three months in order to be able to work is normal and is “making us safe”. They seem to accept “vaccine passports” as something fine and dandy and not an abuse that’s not supported by any law. They don’t even seem to care that their own government is trampling on the Constitution (not to mention old ladies) and now can just make up any new laws they want, all in the name of “safety”. Even their money can be taken away, if they support a “wrong cause”! No one cares.

How can anyone believe that we are living in a “democracy”, after all this, is beyond me.

But perhaps it doesn’t matter. Perhaps it’s better like this, that we finally know where we stand, that we know now that there’s no longer even any semblance of freedom or democracy in the West, instead of pretending that all this that has been going on for over two years is only about a “virus” and that governments and bankers are worried about our “health” and want to “end the pandemic”.

“You will own nothing and you’ll be happy”, said Klaus Schwab, from the WEF and mentor of Mr. Trudeau. Well, I guess at least the first part is right.