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Italy: Crime increasing in Milan

Source: Ansa, Corriere

The province of Milan was confirmed at the top in a recent 2022 Crime Index among 107 Italian provinces.

It is the territory with the most thefts for every 100 thousand inhabitants, especially in shops and parked cars; the metropolitan city is also the seventh in reports of sexual violence, second for robberies in the street, and third for gangs and criminal association.

While the number of murders is down, robberies and sexual crimes are increasing, mostly in the peripheries where there are more immigrants, many of whom haven’t successfully integrated.

Near the main train station and in the touristic zones, gypsy pickpockets are common. According to the Corriere della Sera, most of them come originally from Bosnia, Croatia and Serbia and live in the periphery of town.

While the women steal the purses, the men divide the money and plan which areas to attack next. They usually prefer to rob distracted tourists, and, according to one criminal, “Japanese tourists are the best”.