No Country for White Men

Paris is burning, but where to escape?

The current and still ongoing riots in France — some call it even a budding civil war — will perhaps serve as a wake-up for many people living in the West, about what is really happening in their lands. Perhaps. I am not really sure, as most White people are so brainwashed and alienated from reality that I really doubt much of anything will change.

For years, it was known that violence among migrants and locals would eventually escalate. In fact, Michel Houellebecq predicted a very similar scenario in his novel “Submission” (2015). Sure, they are mostly attacking the cops and looting shops, a bit like the George Floyd riots in the U.S.A., but it is a level of sustained violence never seen before, at least not in recent years in a European country. The closest thing to it were the riots in England in 2011, which were also, by the way, mostly done by migrants (Muslims and Blacks).

There are several elements here, one is obviously racial — the thug shot by the police was Algerian — the other religious, as most immigrants in France are Muslims. In any case, it is clear that this goes beyond the teenage thug that was shot. There are several things coming together: resentment by Algerians of French colonialism, resentment of Muslims against the French government, general anger by a despised minority against the police, influence from BLM stuff in America, etc. But, in general, it just shows that “multiculturalism” was always one of the dumbest ideas ever. The belief that people who are very different and in many cases hate each other would live in peace and harmony because of ??? was always unrealistic and utopian.

The problem is that France might be the worst country — I’ve been to Paris not long ago, and I made a short video about it — but it is far from being the only one with such troubles in Europe. All European countries have been targeted with massive immigration by non-white people from poor third-world countries. For years we were told that the “Great Replacement” was just a “conspiracy theory” promoted by “right-wing extremists”, but what now? France is more than 20% to 30% non-French now, and things don’t look good.

But why can’t whites — French, Germans, Italians, Irish etc — have their own countries where they are the ethnic majority or even the only ethnicity? I never heard any explanation for that. Supposedly it is because, if countries are allowed to remain majority white, this is somehow “racist”, or they will become “Nazis” and do “another Holocaust”, but that is a complete non-sequitur. Also, Japan is still mostly Japanese, China is mostly Chinese, and no one seems to have much of a problem with that. It’s just White countries that for some reason need to become all “multicultural”.

Now, I am not completely naive and I do know why this is happening and who is doing it, but most white people don’t. They really believe in the multicultural utopia, against all possible evidence.

Now, immigrants themselves are just pawns. Most of them might really just be good family people who want to work. Still, they are competing with the locals and driving down wages.

I don’t have much time for the “they just want to make their life better” argument. It’s an opportunistic outlook. Sure, they want to go where someone will give them more money or more advantages, but there is little interest in what they will contribute to society. They would change countries in a whim, if they got a better deal. I remember talking to two young Turkish immigrants in Germany, and they were not working-class, they were middle-class, highly educated young men who studied in Germany, spoke fluent German and English. And yet, at one point one of them said that what they really wanted was to go to Canada, because they thought they could get more benefits there.

Who needs such people? Why can’t they make their life better where they are? Turkey itself is not so bad these days.

Then there is also the sexual element, which is a bit distasteful, so I haven’t seen anyone talk about that, except perhaps for people like Anglin. But it’s true, most of the Middle Eastern and African refugees are men, and their coming was cheered on mostly by women. Not that most women are sexually interested in refugees, but more men around just means more options for women. For men, it is the opposite. It means more competition, not just for jobs, but for women too. Contrast that with the Ukrainian refugees, who were mostly women and so there wasn’t so much complaint from European men, but neither the same enthusiasm by women.

Of course, the main problem is that European governments are not on the side of their own native population, but are actively aiding and abetting the replacement and generating all this chaos that we see.

Anyway, the whole thing is a mess. But hey, at least France has a good multicultural football team, even if they still lost the Cup to Argentina (who, ironically enough, had a relatively whiter team, and Messi is almost fully Italian).