While the world burns

AIDS, Covid and Sex Robots

A few days ago, I wrote the following comment at another blog:

Kary Mullis (who invented the “PCR test” and died mysteriously just before “Covid”) always said that there is no causation link between HIV and AIDS. And there’s a video of him heavily criticizing Fauci for his management of the “AIDS p(l?)andemic”.

Also, it is quite obvious that AIDS in Africa and in the U.S. were two different things, as one affected mostly middle aged homosexual men, and the other heterosexuals and even children. I think AIDS in Africa was/is mostly a scam to get Western aid. They called anything “AIDS”, just as they called anything “COVID” later on, to get money.

Looking back at the AIDS phenomenon, it is clear that there were many similarities with COVID, including the presence of Anthony Fauci at the forefront, and very dubious claims that were later disproved.

It seems that, both back then and now, the main interest was to promote panic.

But why?

I think now that it might be about reducing birth rates.

As someone who grew up in the 1980s and 1990s, I remember the propaganda about AIDS, making teenagers terrified of having sex, in particular if having sex without a condom. It was really hammered in not very subtle ways that, if you didn’t use a condom, you would die.

But even back then it was known that the main form of contagion, if there was such, was anal sex and drug use (sharing injected needles). Most AIDS victims were either homosexuals or drug users, with some unfortunate hemophiliacs who received tainted blood transfusions.

However, some say that the AIDS epidemic was more a lifestyle disease than a viral disease, as the HIV causality was never properly proven. Some say that the real causes of deaths were the so-called “poppers” (drugs used to facilitate anal sex) — which were banned in the early 1990s, and after that, coincidentally, the AIDS death started to subside — and AZT, a “cure” promoted by Mr. Fauci which was anything but — it killed you more than it helped you.

Whatever the case, in the media, AIDS was about making you terrified of sex.

Now, what about Covid? What was the function of the lockdowns, since they did nothing to stop the spread?

I think now it was also about birth rates. People are already afraid of sex — let us now make them afraid of all other kinds of interpersonal contacts. Let’s make everyone lonely.

It seems to have worked. People are having less and less babies, and birth rates, which were already very low in most Western countries, have really dropped in the post-Covid world.

What’s next?

Some argue that the next thing to be promoted are going to be AI sex robots. Basically, sex dolls with some kind of app similar to Siri or ChatGPT inside, which will provide some kind of pseudo-human interaction which, even if primitive, will be enough for most people.

Sex dolls don’t transmit diseases and, best of all, don’t produce babies. Also, since they can have any “gender” or sexual organ, or even both — or even new kinds of sexual organs — they will help to increase the general confusion most young people have today about sex.

I suppose it’s a possibility.

Pockets of Sanity?

Regardless of their political orientation and their view about pandemics, I think most people will agree that the world is slowly going mad, and has been at least since the beginning of COVID in 2019.

The other day a famous University professor in the UK was caught having sex in public with his dog. I don’t know what to make of that, but it seems to be yet another symptom of a general social malaise.

Crime and general random violence seems to be increasing, together with drug use. There were at least six cases of people being pushed onto the NY subway tracks just in the past two weeks. Homelessness is very visible in most large U.S. cities and some European ones.

In France, homeless migrants are attacking old women and children almost daily. Just days after a Syrian stabbed children, now an Algerian was filmed hitting a grandmother and her granddaughter. (Luckily, it seems neither suffered great harm). The media says he is “French”. Well, yeah, I guess everyone is French now, just like everyone is an American.

But why are such people in France in the first place?

Why are such people all over Europe, from Italy to Finland? Yes, even in Helsinki I saw some Somalis loitering around. I thought they had come to Europe to find jobs? Well, I suppose that if the state supports you and pays your rent, you don’t need to worry about that too much.

Then, also a few days ago, the currently installed U.S. president twitted a message about giving “love” to “transgender children”. If that is not a direct call for child abuse, I don’t know what is.

First of all, there are no “transgender children”. I’d argue that there are no “transgenders”, period, but saying that children who did not go through puberty yet are of a different sex because they play with dolls instead of with toy cars or vice-versa, is just ridiculous. There are only two possible cases of “transgender children” — those who are being mentally abused (convinced of an impossibility), and those who are being more directly sexually abused. I can understand that teenagers may feel confused about their sexual identities thanks to the media, but not pre-pubescent children, who are really mostly just playing out the wishes of their parents (or, more likely, single mothers, as I doubt many fathers would approve of a “transgender child”).

But secondly, what kind of world is that in which the president of the most powerful country of the world is publishing such messages as part of his job? With the economy tanking and crime rising, with homelessness and drug overdoses at the highest rates ever while billions are spent in wars abroad, with psychotic “refugees” stabbing children while no one does anything to stop the flow, surely there are more pressing concerns?

But it is weird to see the “transgender” and “LGBTQ” issue acquiring such importance, even at the geopolitical level. Estonia has just approved “gay marriage”, the first Baltic state to do so, marking the border of the new Cold War, which seems to be between supporters of these new types of sex-based identity and supporters of more traditional arrangements (basically, Eastern Europe and most Asians, Indians and Muslims).

For those of us who grew up in the 1980s and 1990s, when the old type of “normality” was still a given, it is strange to see the world today. I guess we didn’t know what we had until we lost it.

Why are the people in power doing all this, when there seems little to be gained? Well, I’m reminded of that famous line from a popular movie: “Some men just want to watch the world burn”. Ordo ab chao and all that.

Writer Lihn Dihn says: “It’s not all hopeless. There are pockets of sanity. Get yourself into one.”

Well, yes, sure — but easier said than done. Where are the pockets of sanity in Western Europe? And for how long?