Who is Klaus Schwab? (Part II)

Continuing the genealogical investigation

As promised, we continue now investigating the family origins of Mr. Klaus Schwab, the famous founder of the World Economic Forum. The genealogy site Geni confirms that Emma Gisella Schwab (née Kilian), the first wife of Eugen Schwab, is the actual mother of Klaus Schwab, solving our doubts about that issue. The first wife Emma Gisela is the biological mother, and the second wife Erika Epprecht, just the step mother.

The records of the Kilian (sometimes spelled Killian) family go way back to at least 1780, with the last known ancestor named Franz Killian (that is how far Geni goes).

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German Dutch Polish and Sorbian; Slovak (also Kilián); Czech (Kilián): from German Dutch Polish Upper Sorbian Slovak and Czech adaptations of the Irish personal name Cillín (see Killeen ). Saint Kilian was a 7th-century Irish missionary to Franconia and Thuringia martyred c. 698 at Würzburg (he is the patron saint of this German city) hence the popularity of this personal name in medieval central Europe.

All the ancestors at Geni seem to come from this region (Franconia, currently Baden-Württemberg), so that confirms it.

Therefore, Kilian is an old German name at least since medieval times, and not Irish.

Emma Gisela’s father was a Rimmler, sometimes spelled Rimler. This is also an old German name, going back at least to the 1700 as well, with Johann Heinrich Rimmler the last ancestor found in Geni. In fact, this surname could be a variation of Riemer, which is an “occupational name for a maker of leather reins and similar articles” and also common among Ashkenazi Jews in Germany (Yiddish: Rimer). The more common Reimer is another possible variation of the same name.

Then going back in the Eugen Schwab line, the last name we find in Geni is Johann Jacob Schwab, born around 1708. We have already explained the Schwab surname as that of someone from the old Swabia region, which in fact neighbours the Franconia region.

What to make of all that?

Well, mostly that Mr. Schwab is not a “nobody”, but someone with long ancestry lines from rich, traditional German families, possibly ancient nobility.

As for the constant visits of the family to Brazil, mainly in the 1960s and 1970s, this could be very likely related to the construction of the Angra dos Reis nuclear power plant in Brazil, as it started to be built in 1971, and planned before that, all with German technology. It is known that the Schwab family (through Escher-Wyss/Sulzer) was involved in the development of nuclear energy in South Africa, so it would make sense a collaboration with Brazil too.

It’s interesting that today the WEF is pushing for the construction of more nuclear reactors as a way for countries to “decarbonize” in their “battle against climate change”. Make of that what you will.

However, I stand by my previous observation that Mr. Schwab, despite his recent fame in conspiracy circles, is not really one of the main power players in the global chessboard, but basically just an “actor” or an “employee” of much more powerful people. In fact, the constant repetition of his name in the media could be just more misdirection, putting him up as some sort of scapegoat. He might not be that important, and the WEF, just another globalist institution among many.

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