Is the decadence of religion bad for women?

Some women appear to be getting crazier than average.

I was wondering the other day if the slow disappearance of Christianity from public life has been bad in particular for women. Women were and are always more emotional than men, but, years ago, it seems that they could canalize those excessive emotions into more productive ends, such as taking care of numerous children, artistic pursuits, or the religious life.

But, increasingly, women appear to get more excited about political movements, protests, social media posturing and just obnoxious behaviour in general.

A case in point was the recently deceased blogger Julie Powell. I mentioned her strange death in a recent video, but I don’t want to talk about that here. I want to talk a little bit about her life.

She was married, but she didn’t have any children, I don’t know if as a personal choice or for some other reason.

Her Twitter seems to have been full of aggressive posts. More than once, she wished for the death of “anti-vaxxers” and of white people in general.

She became famous for writing a blog about cooking, but she didn’t seem to be particularly interested in cooking for cooking’s sake — more in becoming famous. Julia Child (the cooking author on whom she inspired herself) reportedly didn’t like her blog, which was full of swearing and did not show a real interest in learning about French culinary traditions. Supposedly later on she wrote another book about her extra-marital love affairs which was not so well received by the critics — and, I imagine, by her husband, but I doubt his opinion counted in any way.

All in all, she seems a sad representation of many modern Western women.

May she rest in peace.