The end of Covid?

Or just a new beginning?

After two years of failed tests, with that terrible procedure of nostril rape (I wonder, why didn’t they use simple saliva samples from the mouth? It seems to work just as well, at least, it worked for the home self-test), I finally managed to test positive for “Covid”. This was two or three weeks ago — this despite the fact that masks are still mandatory in public transport, but didn’t seem to have done much.

Anyway, I made an amazing discovery — Covid is just the flu in reverse. Wait, hear me out, the Science supports me. The symptoms of the flu usually start with a running nose and cough, then evolve to fever and body pain. Well, corona is just the opposite. For the first three days, I had nothing but fever and body pain. In fact, it was remarkable mostly by the absence of symptoms. I had no cough, no sneezing, no sniffling. Just mild fever, a dry sore throat and body ache (back and legs mostly). An aspirin, or perhaps just time, took care of that in the third day. Then, for the next seven days, I no longer had any fever or pain, just a mild sore throat and then cough and a running nose. The sniffling was the last thing to go. Then I was “negative” again, after 8 days. So, basically — a flu with reversed symptoms.

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It’s unclear why you should take it easy if you start with a running nose then have cough and fever, but panic and mandate lockdowns and mRNA vaccines and destroy the world economy in the process when the symptoms are the other way around, but then again, I am not an epidemiologist. I still believe that the whole thing was overblown in order to promote mRNA vaccines and a lot of technologies of control such as digital passes and tracking apps, as well as a myriad of social and economic changes that benefitted billionaires and damaged the middle class. Lockdowns, mask mandates, “vaccine passports”; none of those things had any significant effect on the disease itself, even if they destroyed a lot of people’s livelihoods and damaged society in thousands of different ways.

Anyway, after more two years, you’d think that pretty much everyone was sick and tired of hearing about “corona” and “vaccines” and all that crap, but you’d be wrong. While the mainstream media starts to stupidly talk about new “variants”, and Djokovic has been forbidden to enter the U.S. to play in the U.S. Open for not disclosing his vaccine status (even though it is now clear that also the vaccine doesn’t seem to have a lot of effect on the spread of the disease and certainly doesn’t stop contagion), on the ‘anti-Covid’ side, things are not much better. Alternative bloggers such as Eugyppius or Igor Chudov keep talking about vaccine side effects and the latest stupid idea by politicians to control us.

Look, from my perspective, it is time to stop obsessing about Covid, from one side or the other. The hard fact of the matter is that we lost two years talking too much about something that shouldn’t have taken so much of our attention. It should have been treated just like any other flu season, more or less. Even for SARS-1 we didn’t do any of that pandemic theatre and social changes, and SARS-1 was arguably much more dangerous than SARS-2 or COVID. Perhaps the first wave of COVID was worse than the current one, I wouldn’t know. But, at this point, Covid is so mild for most people than it really isn’t a big issue, and all mandates and changes should be reversed. It is time to go back to normal life.

Of course, I know that it is actually the other way around, which means this is also a pandemic in reverse. It is not that they did lockdowns and mask mandates and vaccine mandates “to stop Covid”, they used Covid to be able to start doing those things. The disease itself was and still is mostly just an excuse for the social and technological changes they want to implement one way or another, disease or no disease. So this theatre will probably go on, unless they change it for some other excuse, if too many people get tired of it.

I guess we will see in the Fall…

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