Why are our democratic leaders so undemocratic?

In a harbinger of bad things to come, France has prohibited outdoor events due to a heat wave, which according to the media is being caused by “climate change”. There is no way to prove the causality, of course — anything can be “climate change” (except when they are actually changing the climate by bombarding clouds, I suppose).

In continuing the process of infantilization of the public that started with the “Covid” measures, governments now are declaring that people are too stupid to realize that it is too hot just by themselves. Everything has to be done by mandates and regulations.

Meanwhile in Germany, politicians are proposing masks to become mandatory again for everyone, starting in October. Because of “corona”? No, just because of the simple flu this time. They argue that less people get sick when wearing masks, something by the way that has never been proven, and most studies say the opposite in fact. (Masks are still being used in public transportation even now, in the middle of summer.)

EU leaders Mario Draghi (Italy), Macron (France) and Olaf Scholz (Germany) — is it a coincidence that all three come from banking/financial backgrounds? — have recently visited the Ukraine and proposed sending even more weapons and financial assistance to the beleaguered country. “Europe must help”, they say. But no one asked European citizens what they think of sending their tax money to fund wars, especially at a time of crisis. Shouldn’t they have been consulted before?

Why have “democratic” leaders become so openly undemocratic?

They do not even pretend to believe anymore that they care anything about the thoughts of the people they rule over. It’s all about pleasing Big Finance, Big Tech, Big Pharma, Big Business — or anyone, except the voters.

Justin Trudeau from Canada is perhaps the worst of the lot. Even as Canadian police was trampling old ladies and people were being arrested or having their accounts frozen while having committed no crime, but simply legally and peacefully protesting against vaccine mandates, he has babbling something or other about “democracy”. He has also recently complained that Canadian media being banned in Russia is “undemocratic”, but somehow, banning Russian media in Canada is “democratic”.

It is not clear anymore what these people even mean by “democracy”. It is not as if anyone is ever consulted for any decision that these supposed “world leaders” take. Almost everything is decided by decree. And, by they way, they are supposedly the elected leaders of democratic countries, but is there anyone who actually likes them? I couldn’t find a single person, either left or right, who likes Mario Draghi in Italy. Everybody along the political spectrum seems to hate him equally. Granted, the Italian political system is so bizarre that it is not clear for me how he even got to the position anyway, but I doubt anyone voted enthusiastically for him.

In America, Joe Biden has now one of the lowest popularities ever on record. And yet, we are supposed to believe that he is also “the presidential candidate that has received the most votes in a U.S. election in the whole history of the United States” (While this can be partially explained by mere population growth, I doubt such high number of votes is even real – Biden was never in his life charismatic or popular.)

What is happening? Is democracy ending? Or it was never real to begin with?

Whatever it is, what we have seen in the last few years, starting with Covid measures (or maybe even before with the “war on Terror”) and continuing with current economic measures, is certainly a worrying trend, and all those who care about personal freedom and about the accountability of the democratic leaders should be rightly concerned.