Sweden. Day 36. The road ahead

While I am still staying in Sweden a few more days, and I will still spend a day in Stockholm before finally leaving, I don’t know if I should continue with the daily posts. I feel that after the climax of the presentation, there is not much more that needs to be added, unless something really unexpected happens, like meeting a lynx, or a moose, or Agnetha or some other member of ABBA walking around.

I should continue with the blog in one way or another, the question will be more — what to write? I like to write about travels, but one can’t always be traveling, so that may not be a possibility.

I could write about politics, but that would be boring. Incidentally, I started this blog to write a few things against “corona restrictions”, but then, here in Sweden, they were basically a non-issue. I didn’t need to take one of those annoying nose “tests”, show my vaccine papers, or use a mask for the whole month, and, to be honest, I ended up completely forgetting about it. I wasn’t even reading the news. Of course, as soon as I cross the border into Germany, since as far as I know they have not yet lifted their restrictions, I will probably be back in that hell of masks, tests, passes and so on. It is so absurd, as if any this made any sense or difference. Life in Sweden was normal, why can’t it be in Germany, or France or Italy? But politicians love big problems that they can provide the “solution” for, in the form of new laws and controls. Now, even if corona finally ends, they will probably try the same with global warming, or with this war in Ukraine that they are trying to make happen…

So, politics, probably not.

I could write about art, film and literature, which would be nice, but let’s face it: only very few people are interested in that.

Then I thought, since I have been baking here a bit, trying new cake recipes and breads and so on — today I tried a new bread recipe — I could write a blog about food. That seems to be very popular. Everybody likes food and recipes. But… To be honest, I am not that great at cooking and baking. There are only a few things that I can cook really well, and while I find the subject interesting, it’s not something I have much to say about, so I think I prefer to leave it to others.

So, we shall see. For the moment, as I said, I am still in Sweden for a few days, so I may still write about it until the moment I cross the border. But since today nothing much happened, except for a short walk (but no lynx, no moose, no Agnetha) and some work around the house, and editing movies, I will just leave you with a few more pictures from yesterday evening and today’s sunset. Enjoy.