Today, even though it’s only early December, there was a lot of snow. It had fallen the previous night and all the streets were white.

So I went out for my morning walk and I saw this little girl walking all alone, with a “Frozen” bag and a huge “FP2” mask covering her face. She said “Hallo”. I smiled at her. I couldn’t see if she smiled back because she had her mask on, but she kept staring at me.

Then she kept on walking, and a little later stopped to play in the snow.

It’s always sad to see children with masks on, not only because they are basically immune to the disease, but because it teaches them to see the world, and the very air we breath, as something bad or dangerous.

Yes, apparently there is a disease out there. But how about treating the sick, giving the vaccine to those who want it, and stop this whole charade of trying to use the pandemic to remodel society?

I notice people now are talking about “yearly boosters” and “health passes forever”, but no one seems to be talking about “ending the pandemic” anymore. I suppose at this time they have even stopped pretending that this is more about “health passes” than it is about controlling a disease. They just want their damn passes. And of course the vaccine has to me made mandatory, as it is being made in some countries, because who would volunteer for a new injection every six months? An injection that doesn’t even stop spread, much less “end the pandemic”.

Is this the world we want to give our children?