Eppur si muove

I haven’t posted in a while, with all the world apparently going insane, with all the nonsense of “health passes” and mandatory vaccinations. I didn’t think we would live in a technocratic sci-fi dystopia in my lifetime, but it is here. Honestly, anyone that after more than two years of failed policies still believes that all this is done for “health reasons”, did not understand anything. The “health passes” and constant tracking are an end in themselves. Of course they will outlast “corona” and whatever the next pandemic is declared to be. They may even be used for unrelated reasons such as CO2 consume, or anything really. Twenty years after the sole “shoe bomber” attempt, we still have to remove our shoes before boarding a plane, so I doubt that the useless “health passes” (useless to contain a pandemic, useful for other reasons for governments and big corporations) will be removed any time soon. Unless people fight. But, I don’t see much fight. Anyway, I am here. I will try to post more often from now on.