Our Pets and Us (Paperback)


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Why do we love pets? When were dogs domesticated? Is it true that cats were sacred in Egypt? What happened to pedigree dogs during the French Revolution? Were black cats persecuted during the Middle Ages? What happened to Laika and other space pets? Can you clone your pet after he dies? How will pets be in the future? This fascinating book will take you through a journey along the history of our relationship with our furry friends, from before domestication to the latest trends in pet ownership.

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This is a print version (paperback) of this wonderful non-fiction book about the history of pets. Each chapter focuses on a specific theme or time period. The book is illustrated with several beautiful paintings and photographs. For the Kindle version, or for faster delivery options, please purchase it at Amazon (although our delivery here is also fulfilled by Amazon – you just pay less as it’s not via their site).

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