Get woke, go broke? Not really

It’s okay. Relax and enjoy the decay.

And now back to political commentary. Some “conservatives” like to parrot the idea that went companies “go woke”, they lose money.

But this is not really true. Even if they eventually lose money on a particular film or product, they make up for it with something else.

Disney, for instance, keeps making live action remakes of their old animated movies recasting traditional characters as black, female, gay or transgender, or changing the stories to fit some feminist/globalist/whatever agenda, and even if many of the movies are not exactly hits, they do not seem to be losing money either. In fact, they are probably making more money than ever.

Amazon, the same. Most people hated its version of Tolkien, but so what? They do not seem to be going anywhere. People still use Amazon, even as it destroys small bookstores and local grocery stores.

Sometimes some naive conservatives try to organize boycotts against certain brands, but this rarely works. And even when a boycott works, results are mixed.

The most recent example is Bud Light beer. This awful, disgusting, watery American beer (but I repeat myself) had an advertising campaign involving some sort of “transgender influencer”, which wouldn’t seem to be its main demographic target, but then again, it’s been a long time since advertising was about selling products to customers and not annoying or lecturing them.

People were upset, they boycotted Bud Light, and sales went down 21%. Victory, right? Sort of. Beer sales just went to other, equally watery beers, such as Miller Lite and Coors, and some of them are even produced by the same giant multinational company that sells Bud Light. There are just a handful of multinational companies that produce most of the famous beer brands.

Then there was the even more recent backlash against Target shops, because they were selling some kind of “gay” or “transgender” clothes for children (I have no idea what it was, exactly). Their stock went down a few points, but so what? It will likely not affect them in the long run.

I think that those outrages are actually calculated, done in purpose to irritate people and create division. Stimulating constant infighting and even boycotts among people are part of the plan. If they worry about “transgender clothes” they won’t worry about who’s ruining the economy or stealing the taxpayers’ money.

I think Prof. Charlton is right in saying that boycotts are in general ineffective because it’s not just one big corporation or another that is the problem — the whole system is corrupt. So boycotting just one thing among thousands is rather pointless. The whole system would have to be boycotted for this to work. Of course, you can always stop using certain products for your own personal good such as, say, avoiding processed foods, or brands that sell unappealing ideas, but do not expect the system to change because of that. And in any case, it’s not just the “system”. We are the “system” too, as we all belong to this society, one way or another. And if we ourselves are part of this corrupt system… Then what?

Accept it. It’s just silly people like me who rant against the modern world, AI, globalism, mRNA vaccines, and think that we are in the verge of societal collapse, for the dubious benefit of my 30 readers (soon to be less, after this rant). Most people are perfectly happy with the woke world and its woke products. They tattoo themselves head to food, consume MacDonald’s and Coca-Cola, watch Disney and CNN, and believe that we are on the right road to an equalitarian utopia. That’s how it is.

It’s going to continue like that, for who knows how long. Until the money-printing machine breaks, I suppose, or until a large number of people realize that the “utopia” they’ve been sold is actually more like chaos, mayhem, war, poverty and crime.

Whichever comes first.

Since I don’t think my opinion is going to change things one iota, I might as well use my time in a better way, and occupy myself with more rewarding or productive activities. As, in fact, I should.

And, you know what? Perhaps they are right and I’m wrong. Perhaps we’re really heading towards utopia and unicorns, and not towards the four horsemen of the Apocalypse.

In any case, it’s time to forget it and relax.