Are politicians mentally ill?

Or do they just love the new control they found? (Daily rant.)

There is a pandemic going on, but it’s not a respiratory disease. It is a disease that only affects politicians and makes them create insane laws to try to “control a virus” and force an unwanted and inefficient vaccine on every man, woman and child on Earth (and some animals too).

It’s just too depressing.

The latest episodes have been the Quebec governor increasing taxes just for the unvaccinated, the Italians forcing the vaccine on everyone over 50, and the Austrian police checking people’s vaccination status on the streets. Now even Sweden is increasing restrictions against “Omicron” and requiring passes.

Does any of these things help, in any way, our “health”? Do such authoritarian measures “end the pandemic”? Not really. In fact, I am convinced more and more that the pandemic is not that big of a deal, or it wouldn’t be such a big deal if it wasn’t for the increasingly demented laws and restrictions that are created at an increasingly accelerated rhythm. The real pandemic are the crazy measures against the pandemic. This is what is destroying our society, culture, economy and people’s mental health. It’s not the virus. It’s stupid laws to “stop the virus” that don’t really stop it.

If two years ago someone started talking about “vaccine passports” and “lockdowns” you’d think it was a bad dystopian story. But now it is the world we’re living in, and we can’t seem to get out.

Politicians are not our mom, and we’re not children. I know that they like power, but people are not completely stupid and can take care of themselves. Adults can choose whether they want a certain medication or not, without being forced, and they mostly know how to behave in their daily life. I mean, if the government has to tell you to “wash your hands”, in what kind of world are we living?

I just want to go back to life as it was in 2019. I can take of myself, thank you. Now can politicians please just leave me alone?