A nice collection of short stories inspired by recent events. Some of the stories are of the science fiction genre, others are just dark or humorous tales with or without relation to the current moment, but most were written under orders of “quarantine” during the unusual “pandemic” period that started on February 2020 and still continues on March 2021.

Why do we love pets? When were dogs domesticated? Is it true that cats were sacred in Egypt? What happened to pedigree dogs during the French Revolution? Were black cats persecuted during the Middle Ages? What happened to Laika and other space pets? Can you clone your pet after he dies? How will pets be in the future? This fascinating book will take you through a journey along the history of our relationship with our furry friends, from before domestication to the latest trends in pet ownership.

Book in full colour. A wonderful collection of lesser known and darker fairy tales from beloved authors. Illustrated with beautiful colourized still images from German Expressionist movies. A full-color book, with different stories ranging from tragedy to dark humour. The stories include the following classics: “The Story of a Mother” (Hans Christian Andersen)”The Jewish Girl” (Hans Christian Andersen), “One-Eye, Two-Eyes, Three-Eyes” (Brothers Grimm)”Prince Verdeprato” (Giambattista Basile)”Clever Hans” (Brothers Grimm)”The Shadow” (Hans Christian Andersen)”Bluebeard” (Charles Perrault). The illustrations are beautiful colourized photographs from several German expressionist films such as “The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari”, “Der Golem”, “Metropolis”, “Nosferatu”, “Waxworks”, among other films from the 1920s. It is an excellent book for children (10-14) and adults, for fairy tale lovers and cinephiles, and for anyone with excellent taste both artistic and literary.

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